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A journal for the journeys of Jayda into a new and wonderful Ds/DD relationship with her wonderful loving husband/soulmate of 20 years. Who knows where they may journey next. WARNING!! This blog contains sexually explicit material that may offend the closed-minded. Not intended for those under 21.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mostly lurking

I am back to lurking again, but just mostly lurking.

It has been a rough couple of years and a lot has changed in my life that keeps me very busy. I am a grandma now (I know, I need to update my profile info).

Don't know how much I will get to post, as I still am staying very busy and dial-up (all that's available in the country) is very slow and tedious, but I will try to blog occasionally.

Decided to keep the blog online for people to read, as I still get emails and inquiries occasionally. People still seem to enjoy reading - even if it is out of date.

With everything that has gone on, spanking (and DD) has taken a backseat in our lives for too long. We kept enough of it going to keep things interesting, but hopefully now things are picking up. Have a date with Q tomorrow for a stressbusting session before I start on everyone's taxes. He figures we'll have a few more of those in the midst of taxes as well (coz I tend to turn into a bitch).

That's all for now. Just thought I would let everyone know that I am still around even if I am just mostly lurking. I still think the world of this spanking community and all its participants. And I really haven't forgotten everybody - just been to effing busy.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


OK guys. I really am back to myself again after this past year of stress and grief. I just have to get my schedule together to figure out times to get online. There is a lot more to be done out here in the country, and dial-up really sucks.

Maybe in a year we will be totally unpacked, set-up, and the new computer built, but I promise, it won’t be that long before I am back online. In fact, I plan to at least post once a week from now on. I just have to figure out how to write again. Guess that’s what catching up on all the blogs will do for me.

My long deep grief after losing my mom surprised both Q and myself. I knew it would be hard on me, but I never thought it would be that deep and long. And trust me, (at least for me anyway), spankings were not the answer. I was to ‘low’ to start with and spanking (even a tiny one) just seemed to exacerbate the deep pain inside.

We had very few spankings, and basically put everything on hold. But we are back now, and Q is in rare form. I am sure he will be ‘paying me back’ for my brattiness over the last seven months. Just hope he takes it a little at a time. It’s amazing how quick the calluses on the butt go away.

Another problem with living in the country – there is an abundance of switches!! So I’ll have to work really hard at keeping from making Q ‘switching’ mad.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

A late "Happy Holidays"

Sorry guys. I know I have been absent again.

I wanted to at least wish everyone a Happy Holiday season (and I hope everybody had one), but life got in the way again.

We had yet another funeral the day after Xmas. A close cousin.

And I found out my brother has prostate cancer as well. Nothing like more crap to top off a horrendous year. And my niece is having a ‘problem’ pregnancy.

Now we are in full fire-fighting mode. It is so bad here that ANY spark has an 80% chance of igniting a fire, and if one gets started the wind feeds it and it’s usually out of control quickly.

So we have been busy clearing our land as best as possible to protect ourselves. Since we are in a rural fire district, we are our own first line of defense. And we live only about a mile off a small highway, and way too many idiots throw cigarette butts out. So we are being extra cautious.

We need rain so bad. For 2005 we were over 12” below normal, and with no measurable precipitation since October, we are a tinder box. This severe fire weather has my nerves on edge.

Q’s wrists are finally healing. And trust me, he is itching to spank. We’ve had a couple of light sessions, but we are not pushing it until he gets his arms and wrists well. So I really don’t have much to write, even if I had the time.

I am going to have to have some light female surgery (nothing serious). I hope to get that taken care of this month so that I am well healed by the time Q’s wrists are.

Plus I am worried about my Dad. His memory problems (although not extremely bad yet) are a concern and I have been visiting with his doctor about it. Hopefully the majority is just stress from this past year.

That’s the update for now. Hope to be back soon. Am looking forward to things settling down.

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Friday, December 16, 2005


I am sorry I have been AWOL again for so long.

As it seems to be for 2005, my life is a mess. More shit has hit the fan, so to speak.

Starting in Nov., I was once again fighting a DOS (denial of service), spam attack on both my email and personal/business websites. This first happened back in March. That got straightened out and is now happening again from a different direction. I have spent so much time on the computer that I feel like I am starting to go blind. Needless to say, this doesn’t leave me time for the ‘fun’ computer play. Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!! I think it is taken care of for now. This kind of crap makes you want to avoid computers all together though.

This is not a fun post – sorry. It’s just to let everyone know what is keeping me away. It is another crap post from my crappy year.

Other ‘crap’ (and not all of it by any means) I have been dealing with: my dad, my son’s car, my brand new stove doesn’t work, my new dishwasher doesn’t work right, our well is trying to shut down due to faulty work that I can’t get the co. to fix so now I am dealing with the state and a lawyer to get it done.

In the meantime, we can’t shower or do laundry because of insufficient well pressure so we have to drive 15 miles into town to take a shower or wash clothes.

Also, dealing with yet another contractor that screwed us on work that was supposed to be done.

And, Q blew out his wrists apparently due the the move so his mobility is limited. Therefore, there is limited to no spanking going on around here because of this. We are just trying to get him well.

And with all the stress of this year, my fibromyalgia has caught up with me and I am in the middle of a full blown ‘attack’ from within from that, and can hardly function.

All I can say is that there are 15 more days in this crappy year. I hope things change for the better after the New Year, coz I’m not sure how much more I can take.

I still plan on being around, if life’s crap will just settle down.

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Monday, October 24, 2005


I know, I know, now that I am back I need to update my sidebar on my blog - especially the links. So spank me - someone please. (Naw, I'll save the spanking for Q).

But I am on dial-up now (whines loudly), so ya'll are just going to have to be patient. Everyone out there who has generously linked to my blog, I will try to reciprocate when time allows.

Besides, I am still unpacking and trying to find everything in my new house (and that might go on for a couple more months).

Sorry, no reports on the kinky front here. Just plain old wonderful vanilla sex to wake up with on Saturday morning. Sometimes that's nice too (WEG).

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Did the Internet Crash Thurs. Night?

I know I am on lousy dial-up now, but even after hanging up and re-dialing Thursday night about 1am CDT, I couldn’t even get through to google.

Did any other night owls have any similar problems?

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Friday, October 21, 2005

On Training a Sub

In the training of a sub who is also a spanko, our conversations have wandered to how would be the most effective way of getting my attention enough during a spanking to actually moderate my behavior during a spanking.

And, I am looking for input and ideas from you readers as well.

During a punishment or a GP spanking, I am pretty good in that I don’t move too much (outside of wriggles) anymore, so what we are specifically looking for is how to ‘teach’ me to be quiet.

In the past, Q has almost always liked me to squeal and make noise while he was spanking me, as much for feedback on how the particular implement was affecting me, and for his own sadistic (g) satisfaction, and I was more than happy to comply. It has become a habit now.

As we are now in the country with lots of woods, Q and I would both enjoy sessions in the outdoors. However, he fears that if I get too loud, some one of the neighbors may overhear and wander up in an attempt to ‘protect’ me and that he might end up face to face with a shotgun. So he (and I) want me to learn to be quiet – or at least quieter.

And I know a sub should be able to be trained for her Dom’s needs.

Here is a list of (any one) what I think might work for me (based on pain and/or fears) by stopping in the middle of the spanking (when I broke training) and adding these in addition to the spanking and the counting of the same (or it could be assessed during the spanking and given within an hour or two of the original spanking after Q has had time to rest his arm – when I have had two spankings within a short period before, the second one has always hurt much worse and it could be proceeded by having me sit in a hot tub for 15 minutes before):

50 intense and focused strokes on the back with the big flogger

50 – 100 rapid and hard focused on each sit spot with the WM bathbrush

10 –15 hard with the large oak paddle with holes (Q doesn’t like doing many with this as it bruises to deep), followed quickly on top of the same area by 50 fast and hard with the CB or lexan paddle to bring up a searing burn on top of the bruises

Lexan caning (maybe 50) – this will have to be figured after learning how to best use it

50 hard with the punishment strap across the upper thighs (front or back)

Electrical cord ???? Don’t know how many/hard coz we haven’t ventured with this one yet, but the thought scares me.

Or maybe I should break down a buy a ‘Brat Loop’ from Leather Thorn. From what I have seen/heard, it is formidable.

(any of these, of course, starting over if I broke training with it)

Corner time, sit time, writing lines won’t work here because of my FMS.

I can’t think of a gag that will keep me quiet either – except may Am’s new one, which is probably not a possibility.

So, what do you guys think? Any ideas?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I finally got the General Purpose/reconnection spanking I have been needing. And I am happily sporting light purple cheeks and a flogged red back to show for it. Ah, yes, cheerfully back in the lifestyle again.

However, I did learn something (besides the fact that my long unused bum was quite sensitive) – it is not a good idea to spank to crying when the spankee is on the tail-end of a chest cold and still has a small amount of crud in the longs. This can lead to choking. I actually had to call ‘Yellow’ (caution – on the edge of crisis) on Q tonight because of this (and it’s been a very LONG time since I have used a safeword for anything other than an emergency potty break).

He of course paused, for me to get over my coughing fit. And then resumed.

I was quite proud of myself. After 3+ months, I was afraid that it would be more like starting over in my learning how to accept spankings. But I quite quickly phased into acceptance and tears (no sobs - wasn’t necessary because it wasn’t a total punishment and I have done enough of that anyway over the past few months), but definitely real solid tears. And I didn’t wriggle much either.

I did have some fear creep in while Q was flogging my back hard. But that passed because it was during that, that I started coughing and we had a short pause. I don’t expect that ‘fear’ to happen again, as I have faced it and dealt with it.

When Q uses the flogger full force on my back it quite honestly hurts like hell, and seems to bring me to tears quicker than anything. Especially when he concentrates on one spot for more than a few strokes. My panic/fear came in when I could have sworn that he was cutting through my skin and that I had to be bleeding. Afterwards, looking at the mild marks, I am now comfortable again.

The painful effectiveness with minimal marks is why Q loves using the flogger like this. I just had to become ‘comfortable’ (if that is the word) with it again.

The chronology of the evening went something like this.

“You said you’ve been needing a real spanking. Let’s get it over with,” Q said in a slightly dom voice.

Testing him, I just sat in my recliner for a minute, until he got a little more commanding, letting me know he was serious. “Well, get in there and get ready,” he said gesturing towards the bedroom.

I entered the bedroom and quickly undressed.

“Well, get out your toys,” Q demanded.

I promptly obliged, pulling our new, bigger, toybox out from under the bed, leaving it on the floor next to the bed.

“Put it on the bed and open it so I don’t have to bend down to get things.”

I quickly did this as well and then promptly assumed the position over the end of the bed. Amazingly, I had no urgency to ‘pee’ tonight.

The first item Q picked was the new lexan cane. He swooshed it over my head several times and then it came down quickly on my back, burning sharply and setting the tone for the spanking. There was to be no warm-up. He was going to rapidly get to business.

After about six more with it on my back, burning with each stroke, he then moved to my thighs for about a dozen moderate strokes. (We are still learning this implement – it is very flexible so it is hard for him to tell exactly the effect he is getting from it or how it will mark or bruise – Q is always cautious with a new implement until he learns it to his satisfaction).

He then moved to the strap (Leather Thorn paddles) which has become one of his favorite implements. After about 100 with it, he pulled out the Whippy Gear paddle for another 30.

Then he decided my back needed attention and pulled out the small flogger for about a dozen. He quickly moved to the larger flogger on my back (HARD) for about 30.

Then onto the WM bathbrush for about 40 moderate strokes on my bum. Why is it that thing is so wicked even when used with medium intensity.

Then back to the flogger, hard, on my back for another 60 (with coughing interruption).

Then a few more strokes from the strap and a rapid-fire (but light) dozen from the lexan cane.

Q finished by using the flogger more sensually across my back, then buttocks, then my pussy until I reached orgasm.

We cuddled for a few minutes, then Q applied arnica to my bottom.

After going to the bathroom, we then crawled in bed together for a VERY NICE long cuddling session.

Since he wasn’t especially horny, we just reveled in cuddling and talking and reconnecting in our chosen lifestyle.

We kissed, we laughed, we talked. At one point Q grabbed both of my nipples and twisted them while we were laughing about the pain/pleasure aspect of it all and talking about me being such a pain-slut, and I screamed out “Oh, FUCK YES!!” as the orgasm hit me.

Then we really laughed.

We returned to the living room to watch some TV. After a bit, Q motioned to me to sit at his feet, which I of course did. We then talked some more about the Ds aspect of our relationship and how much I have had to mentally change my thinking, but that I actually like it, even though it is quite different from the way I have ever been.

He said that he really likes it too.

I told him that the scariest thing for me about the commitment I made to him when we decided to step into Ds, was when I truly realized that I had given him carte blanche to do with me as he pleased and to push me as far as he chose.

I then assured him that I totally trusted him with my life and that I would let him lead us wherever he wanted, and knowing me and us, would probably love any and every journey he chose to lead us on.

He gave me a big grin and a passionate kiss, assuring me that we would both enjoy our journey together.

Now I sit here typing this, after tucking him to bed in our usual fashion, smiling at what a wonderful evening this was indeed. Nothing like a good spanking to set everything right and reopen the lines of communication.

I just hope my butt stays nicely sore for a while. I’ve really missed this.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Ya know, I really really wanted a good hard spanking last night. But that didn’t materialize.

We had a long evening alone, but Q was tired from working on the property all day so we just had some mild Ds play.

After we showered together (yes – we now have a big shower – yay!), we sat naked in the living room watching Nascar on the tube. I was the good sub, serving him his drinks, and I thoroughly enjoyed giving him a very long oral session including ball sucking, rimming, and a blow-job. We hadn’t done that in so long and it was delicious.

When the race was over (kee-rap, JJ won and Rusty lost out in the last laps due to tire problems), I presented Q with something I had ordered back in late June. It is a lexan cane. It is very light and flippy and has a wonderful stinging sensation when used lightly. (I will have to tell later about the sensations when used with force).

Q started by using it on my nipples. WOW! That really gives a nice stingy fire. It didn’t take me long to reach an orgasm.

Then he proceeded to try it lightly on my inner thighs, as I was sitting at his feet. Again, nice sting/burn. And for as lightly as it was used, my thighs reddened quite quickly. I am still sporting a few light marks from it today. He then whipped my pussy with it til I had an orgasm. YUMMY!

A while later, he decided to try it on my back. This one is light and flexible enough to do that. My back was itching and Q decided this was a good ‘cure’. He was right, of course. Again, nice sting. After the light use, this implement gives me no fear of it’s use on the areas of the body that you wouldn’t normally use a stiff implement on.

We’ll just have to wait and see how much I like it when Q actually decides to use it with any force behind it.

Unfortunately for me, that was the end of any ‘spanking’ type activity. And I am really ‘in need’ right now. Maybe later this week. We have four nights of being alone as the kid is working and busy with his activities.

Continuing with the Ds, Q demanded a long BJ this morning when we woke – even before I could get up and have my coffee. Actually, I didn’t mind, as it has been so long since we have done much taking care of each other.

I just hope this week provides me with a long, hard, serious, re-connecting spanking that I desperately need. I am through with the heavy mourning, and I am ready for our lives to move forward and this will help to get me there.

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Friday, October 14, 2005


First, I want to thank all of my e-friends for their kindness and understanding during this trying time. I had mentioned to several of them that I thought I would be back a few weeks ago, but truth be told, I just wasn’t quite ready. Now that I believe I am ready, I am writing this to let everyone know where I have been.

Most of you know that we had been in the process of trying to move. I am happy to say that that part of my life is through – as of two weeks ago (sans all the unpacking). Yes, we are moved (and love our new location), and yes we sold and closed on our ‘city’ house. Whew!! Actually, all the chaos of the move was probably a good thing to keep me from dwelling on the bad.

I can now finally write about the bad without breaking into heaving sobs. On July 15th, my Mom and best friend of 20+ years passed away. It was sudden. She took a fall and cracked her skull, lived to the hospital, and made it through the surgery just fine. We found out the next day (cat scan) that the reason she fell was a massive stroke, that, had she survived, would have probably left her a vegetable. So, in a way, her dying was a blessing. She would not have wanted that. However, 36 hours between her fall and her death, was not near enough time to prepare for it emotionally.

And, my dealing with it all has been something else. Q has been a wonderful support. And, as I said before, the chaos of everything that had to be done for the move, was a good distraction. But it has taken me until about two weeks ago, to start to feel ‘normal’ again. Until then, I felt an ‘ache’ and a loneliness throughout my body that I can’t quite describe. I just miss her soooooo bad.

So far, my Dad is doing all right. In some ways I think he is dealing with it better than I have. Although I cannot imagine having someone that you have spent over 60 years with gone. It makes me shudder. I try to keep him busy with things that he can do to help me on our land.

He also had his pacemaker replaced last month (stating that he planned to wear out another one), so that is making him feel physically better at least. However, sitting in the waiting room while he was in surgery so soon after loosing my mom, did nothing for me or my nerves.

Add to this, my mom’s stepbrother went into the hospital a week after her funeral, and is still in the hospital as I write (long story, but things do not look good). And my father-in-law is going to have to have surgery for a possible malignancy. As I said in a much earlier post, 05’ has not been a good year for us.

Well readers (if I have any left), that is the last few months in brief. There has been more, albeit minor, that I won’t bore you with.

Needless to say, DD/Ds has been pushed aside. I just couldn’t deal with it and Q saw that. Prior to my mom’s death, I had a few spankings that I hadn’t yet written about, but since then I have had maybe two ‘hard’ (not to our normal level) ones, and a few playful ones, but that has been it.

I have just been too emotionally overwrought and we have both been too tired with the move to even think about much play. Even our 21st anniversary passed without fanfare. We were just too busy. However, we plan on celebrating it late in the coming few weeks.

I am just now recovering from a heavy head and chest cold that I have been battling for the last two weeks and Q is still a bit congested from his as well. So now that my illness is past, I am happy to announce that Q’s little ‘painslut’ is ready for action again.

Barring any other unforeseen circumstances, I hope to be back to posting here at least a couple of times a week – hopefully with some nice juicy ‘spanking’ stories.

I have been lurking some this past week and I must say I am intrigued by what I am reading. Some of Patty’s stuff has me encouraged to push my own limits. We’ll just have to wait and see what develops in the future.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sorry I've been missing

Just wanted to post a note here to let everyone know that I am still around. It's just that for at least the next couple of weeks, I will be EXTREMELY busy.

We are trying to finish getting our house ready to sell (it is amazing how many little things you tend to let go coz they don't bother you) and at the same time have purchased some 'virgin' land and have to get it ready to move onto (well, septic, bulldozer, electric, etc. etc.).

Plus we are fighting a major issue with our city council as well.

Add to that, our oldest (& friends) decided to move across the city about the time he is supposed to be helping us. And, he had a wreck (he is fine) and almost totalled his car. And since it was his fault (and we only carry liability), we are having to help him find where to get it fixed cheap while he was looking for a new job (which he finally found, thank goodness).

As they say, when it rains, it pours. Chaos abounds here!!!!

Trust me, Q is keeping me in line during all this mess. I have had my share of spankings just to keep my attitude straight and focused where it should be. Hopefully, when things are more settled, I will be able to post about them (I have been keeping notes - just nothing worth posting coz no one could make sense of them but me WEG).

When we finally get on the land, I will have to post a picture of our view. It is gorgeous. Right now I just keep having to tell myself it will all be worth it.

Thanks for reading and checking. And yes, I WILL BE BACK.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Saturday's fun

I'm writing from notes as fast as I can, really.

I forgot to mention in my last post that we have a temporary new member of our household. One of the kids friends moved in with us temporarily while she is looking for a place to move. Her mother kicked her and her sister out in a fit of rage. This girl has always been like another one of my own kids, so it was natural for her to come to me for help. I am glad that we have the extra bedroom for her to crash in. She is 18, and has a line on roommates and a place to live, but they probably can’t move in until the end of the month. So we have another person to work ‘spanking’ around.

She has always thought that Q and I are a hoot because we are so at ease and relaxed with issues relating to sex – be it just talking, or the fact that we play and tease and cuddle with each other openly. But I don’t think she really needs to be exposed to our kinks either.

OK, back to our life. Fri. nite when we got back from the pow-wow, Q’s hand was just itching to spank me. Anytime we were alone in a room, he would smack my butt with his hand, or whatever was close. But we were never alone to ‘play’. So he just got a long, quiet (well kind of – I was way hungry for his come and was noisy about getting it) blow job.

Sat. morn, was more of the same. I could tell he was just itching to spank me for the sake of it. So I confronted him. “You are just dying to spank my butt just for the heck of it aren’t you,” I asked him, grinning, while we were in the bedroom.

“Yeah, yeah, I am,” Q replied with a smirk, grabbing me and kissing me while hand smacking my butt. “We’ll have to wait ‘til later though. But you can do this right now,” he said, pushing me to my knees, while dropping his pants.

I quickly complied, hungrily giving him the second blow-job in twenty-four hours.

As we worked around the house (we are refinishing woodwork), he made lots of pains to ‘torment’ me as well. Often cornering me and squeezing and twisting on my nipples to orgasm while I had to be as quiet as possible (which for me is a MAJOR effort). Sometimes he would just bring me to the brink, and then leave me hanging. He can be so evil WEG.

It wasn’t until midnight, when the kids left to fold papers, that we had time alone. I was actually so tired I went to bed expecting to sleep coz I figured Q was just as tired. Silly me.

As Q gets into bed, he pulls out the lexan paddle w/holes. Once he is comfortably propped up on his pillows, he directs me across his lap. When we are both comfortable, he began spanking.

Moderately light spanks started, then he increase the intensity until I was ‘yelping’ sufficiently. After about 40ish hard smacks, he lightened up just a bit, and started spanking with a nice steady rhythm until I came.

Then we both started laughing. I still find it somewhat wild that a spanking can give me an orgasm, and he finds it rather amusing as well. Then he began swatting my butt again until I had a nice case of spanking freckles. He has decided he likes this position for spanking (I think it is kind of nice too).

Of course, he is now lamenting that he doesn’t have enough OTK length tools. Gee, is that my hint to implement shop? Probably not. He has forgotten about vermin, and I’m not real likely to remind him anytime soon WEG.

Then, as I am still sprawled across his lap, he commands me to cum. “Cum slut, NOW! Cum for me,” in his Dom voice. And, quite amazingly, I did. After a few minutes, he repeated his command, and I duplicated my response.

Then I really started laughing. I guess we have been playing with the Ds long enough that I immediately respond to his ‘Dom’ tone of voice. How quickly I responded amazed both of us as well.

Then Q told me that he had been talking to a friend of ours (who is also into Ds/DD) and had gotten the idea from him (beware girls, when two SO’s get together in person I am beginning to think this spells trouble – WEG). Now Q is trying to think of a ‘code’ word that means ‘cum NOW’, no matter where I am at. That is what this friend does with his Angel, and Q thinks it is a fun idea.

It probably is, but I am wary as to when he might actually do this to me. Yikes! Could be embarrassing.

After cuddling for a bit, Q lotioned my bottom, and then I gave him another blow job (I mean, what better way to thank your hubby for a yummy spanking).

Afterwards, we cuddled and talked for awhile in amazement of what this new turn in our lives has given us.

What was so neat about this entire weekend, was that despite all the work and our limited activities, I sensed a new comfort level with our relationship from Q. He has really relaxed with everything and started finding his own way in our relationship. Now, should I be worried????? Probably (WEG)

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

So spank me.....

Sorry all. Have just been to busy with life to write. And unfortunately, writing comes slowly for me :(

This past Fri., Q had the day off from work so that we could enjoy a local pow-wow event. So that morning, before we left, and while the youngest was still asleep, he took care of some spanking business with me.

I had three small ‘rules’ violations in addition to two episodes of losing my temper, so I knew I was going to get a serious spanking, but most of all it was a de-stress spanking for ‘both’ of us.

Q has gotten in the habit of pulling out the ‘toy’ box, and then laying out each implement that he might use alongside where I bend over the end of the bed. Then he quite often tells me not to look (yeah right). But this time he told me to ‘pick’ the first one, ‘carefully.’

Gathering from that ‘warning’ I didn’t dare pick something light, but I sure didn’t want to give him his favorite school paddle or bathbrush to start with, so I chose the strap.

He laid about fifty hard ones on me with it, then moved to the bathbrush for another 70 or so. Then the whippy-gear for another 30ish. Q then pulled the Arnica out and started rubbing my bum with it, signaling (at least most of the time) that this was the end of the spanking. But I waited, until he told me I could get up.

It was one of those times when I didn’t really want a spanking, but I knew I needed it, and the spanking was damned hard and I was more than ready for it to be over, yet when it was over, it wasn’t really enough. Yeah, yeah, spanking-schizo jibberish here.

But more was not in the cards, because just as I got up, the oldest kid came in the front door.

As I mentioned above, our life has been crazy chaos for a couple of weeks, and will probably be so for the rest of the summer. We are trying to get our house ready to sell, and find a new place to move in the country (which is hard by itself), get rid of a lot of excess furniture and school stuff, and help our oldest move to a new place too. Plus, I am still dealing with the mess from the wreck earlier this year, and trying to keep an eye on my dad’s health.

So readers, please forgive me if I am sporadic this summer. I will stick around, and try to post as much as possible, because I do want to keep my ‘journal’. I am not like some bloggers (WEG) who have stuff that they can post without having to write it at the moment. I don’t have cool stories or pictures I can just pull out and put up. Nor do I have the time to surf and find cool links/pics as well.

We are just so busy with all the stuff, that we are often to tired for sex and or spanking. It’s not that we don’t wanna. And this lifestyle is definitely NOT going away for us. It’s just that things have to be postponed and toned down for awhile.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Okay, Okay, I'll post more tomorrow

But for now, I'll just say "Hi".

No, things have not been completely flat or devoid of spanking, but you'll have to wait a bit and then I'll catch you up.

We have just been extremely busy. Aunt in the hospital, birthday, holiday weekend, trying to get kid into college, looking for new place to live in the country, and trying to get this house ready to put up for sale.

Luckily, I have had 'just' enough spankings to keep me from going crazier.

So, to answer your questions, yes I am still here, and I am working on a spanking post for all you kinkos out there WEG.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Book Tag

Thanks Am for tagging me - here goes

1. Total number of books I’ve owned
Ha ha ha ha ha (rolls across floor into bookshelf) ha ha! Like I, a confirmed read-a-holic who has been reading since she was three (makes 44 years), could answer that. Not to mention being a homeschool mom of 2 with at any given time, a library full of reading books at the kids various levels, along with textbooks. You have got to be kidding. And no, I’m not going to go count. P~~~~~~~~~. Counting would take hours just going through the boxes in the attic.

My best guess is that we probably have around 5k in the house at this moment. But I’ll guarantee I’ll add to it at the next garage sale or shopping trip.

Through my childhood I owned so many it was amazing. Spent every penny I could earn on books, as well as keeping my parents broke buying them for me (to keep me out of trouble - WEG). By the time I was 8, had read every book in our small town public library as well, and was having my brother check out books for me from the small college library.

2. The last book I bought.
The entire collection of Poe, for my son, Ernst & Young’s Tax Guide, Mensa Mind Challenges, for my other son, Nancy Fridays My Secret Garden and Susie Santiago’s Many Kisses (have just started), Perl Core Language, Leonard Peltier’s Prison Writings, plus Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines. Q hates it when I go into a bookstore. I can’t leave for less than a C-note. What can I say, I just love the smell of book lint.

3. The last book I read.
I actually re-read an old favorite. Mary Summer Rain’s Phoenix Rising (Got lucky here – I usually read 4-5 simultaneously but I have been to busy reading on the web instead – WEG)

4. 5 Books that mean a lot to you.
5 is not enough. So I’ll just list them by author blocks. And I’m sure I’ll leave out a few.

Richard Bach – Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and Illusions are my tops on his list, but I’ve read all that he has written and love them all.
Dick Sutphen – Master of Life Manual, You Were Born Again to Be Together (top two favs, no longer in publication – I have read all of his as well and love them)
Mary Summer Rain – Spirit Song, Phoenix Rising (top two – have read most of hers, but her quality went down in later books)
Sylvia Browne – Prophecy (amongst others)
Zena Henderson – The People Series (sci-fi)
Thea Divine – several of hers, really hot erotica
Orwell – 1984 (ya’ll oughta read this right now – spooky)
Bertrand Russell – Why I am not a Christian, A History of Western Philosopy
Joseph Campbell – Transformations of Myth through Time (among others –
most all of his are fascinating
Doug Boyd – Mad Bear, Rolling Thunder
Thomas E. Mails – Fool’s Crow series
Antonio R. Damasio – Descartes Error
Einstein’s Space and Van Gogh’s Sky – Leshan & Margenau
J.R.R. Tolkein - all
Edgar Allen Poe – all
Shakespeare – all (love the man’s wicked humor and political jabs)
Edgar Cayce - most
Ruth Montgomery – most
Raymond Moody - some

And a bookshelf full of really good medical books, but I won’t bore you by listing them

Told ya I had way too many to list. (Yeah, I know. I can’t count)

5. Tag 5 people and request they fill this out on their journal.
Collar purple – Invidia

Everyone else I can think of has already been tagged (since I am so late posting this). Terri, Chula, and Gabriel, since yall don't have your own blogs, you can post here in the comments, or email your answers to me and I will post. Have fun.

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